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Soho Properties, Inc. is a commercial real estate investment firm founded by Sharif El-Gamal in 2003 in New York City. The Soho Properties team arranges and participates in real estate investments in office, residential and retail property markets in New York City, generating opportunities for its clients through the acquisition of both single assets as well as portfolios. Soho Properties is a company focused on pursuing the real value in real estate investments, especially when pricing dislocations create value-driven opportunities. Soho Properties unlocks the value in an investment by successfully executing various strategies, which include retenanting/repositioning assets, renovations, aggregations, developments and participating in unique opportunistic situations. Soho Properties acts as a principal and arranger of real estate investments by forming joint ventures with institutional and high net worth real estate investors. Such strategic partnerships are formed to identify opportunities whereby our investors can capitalize on market mis-pricing to earn superior risk-adjusted returns. Soho Properties investment strategies are IRR driven and executed to create value and manage risks through an involved investment and asset-management process. The company utilizes an efficient and tailored operating system and a well-defined and proven development process.